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There are different reasons why people see a Therapist. You may have been advised by your doctor to seek help. You may be trying to cope with a particularly difficult period in your life, or maybe experiencing similar problems recurring throughout your life and relationships. You may be trying to recover from symptoms of depression or anxiety, or trying to make sense of stress in your relationships or workplace.

Whatever the reason, remember that you are not alone in your troubles.

Allow us the opportunity to know you and understand you.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a range of services where our experienced Therapists use a range of psychological treatment techniques in Psychotherapy and formal Psychological Assessments.

Experienced Therapists

We pride ourselves in having a great team with diverse experiences and skills to suit your needs. Each of our Therapists have their own areas of expertise and techniques. Read more about each of our Psychologists, and feel free to give us a call if you have other questions not answered in their portfolios or under our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

principal clinical psychologist gifford chan

Gifford Chan

Principal Clinical Psychologist

anna profile

Anna Chen

Clinical Psychologist

Velda Chen clinical psychologist at Mind Care Therapy Suites

Velda Chen

Clinical Psychologist

Moses Chew psychologist

Moses Chew

Clinical Psychologist

psychologist mr henry lew

Henry Lew

Counseling Psychologist

Psychologist julyn ng

Julyn Ng

Counseling Psychologist

Janet Phang clinicl psychologist

Janet Phang

Clinical Psychologist

Medical Expertise

We work closely with doctors and in particular our psychiatrists at Mind Care Clinic in order to provide you with seamless and comprehensive care.

Dr. Emily Ho


Dr Tan Hong Yee

Dr. Tan Hong Yee


A Therapeutic Environment

Mind Care Therapy Suites was specially designed to provide our patients with an environment of comfort and privacy. We believe that everything plays an important part in your experience of therapy, starting from your first phone call or email to us, to the right fit of Therapist for your particular needs, right down to even your surroundings.

We therefore designed Mind Care Therapy Suites to reflect a comfortable, relaxing and grounding environment. Each of the rooms in our Therapy Suites are optimized for utility and privacy, so that you can engage best during your session to make this truly a special and private time for yourself.

In line with our belief in a multi-faceted approach, we have also integrated other therapeutic elements in the design – such as sensory modulation – to make each and every visit a therapeutic experience in itself .

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