Behavioral & Educational Assessment Clinic

Behavioral & Educational Assessment Clinic

Our dedicated Behavioral and Educational Assessment clinic sessions are run by accredited child clinical psychologists and educational psychologists. 

A formal assessment using standardized tools can be very helpful in aiding diagnosis of problems, or identifying areas of strengths & weaknesses for your child.

Underperforming in school - getting to the root of things

An individualised educational assessment helps to evaluate your child’s cognitive abilities in various domains such as attention, processing speed, and memory for example. 

Each assessment comes with a full report and a session to feedback on findings, suggestions and interventions according to your child’s strengths and weaknesses.  

Diagnostic assessments for behavioral difficulties

Diagnostic assessments help to identify disorders which may otherwise be misunderstood as behavioral problems. The proper identification of disorders directs us towards an evidence-based treatment plan and this helps to guide interventions greatly.